When you are on the job, you expect the read-out of your instrument to be correct. You can count on Leica Geosystems products.

Leica Machine Control Systems


Increase productivity and efficiency in every stage of the project with our intelligent construction software.

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Carry out excavation designs accurately and easily with our precise excavator control systems.

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Boost productivity and performance with our easy-to-use grade solutions.

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Handle all fine grading and trimming tasks easily and efficiently with our high performance grading systems.

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Dual GNSS solution for wheel loaders and guidance applications.

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Single slope grading solution for blade applications.

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Rollers & Pavers

Endorsed by leading equipment manufacturers, our integrated rollers, paving and milling control systems automatically provide the smoothest surfaces.

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iCON Construction Solutions

Tailor-made hardware and software solutions for all positioning and measuring tasks in road and building construction.

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senseFly’s professional drones are the world’s most widely-used aerial mapping tools. Employed by thousands of geospatial and agricultural workers around the world, these safe, lightweight solutions offer automatic operation, professional-grade software, and application-specific camera options.

Camera options

senseFly S.O.D.A. 3D

The senseFly S.O.D.A. 3D is a unique innovation—a professional drone photogrammetry camera that changes orientation during flight to capture three images (2 oblique, 1 nadir) every time, instead of just one, for a much wider field of view. It is optimized for quick, robust image processing with Pix4Dmapper.

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senseFly Aeria X

The senseFly Aeria X is a compact drone photogrammetry powerhouse.

This rugged innovation offers the perfect blend of size, weight and DSLR-like image quality. It offers stunning image detail and clarity, in virtually all light conditions, allowing you to map for more hours per day than ever before.

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senseFly Duet T

The senseFly Duet T is a rugged dual-camera thermal mapping rig. Use it to create geo-accurate thermal maps and digital surface models quickly and easily.

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Parrot Sequoia+

Parrot Sequoia+ is the smallest, lightest multispectral sensor ever released. It captures images across four defined, visible and non-visible spectral bands, plus RGB imagery, in just one flight.

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senseFly S.O.D.A.

The senseFly S.O.D.A. is the first camera to be built for professional drone photogrammetry and has quickly become the reference sensor in its field. It captures amazingly sharp aerial images, across light conditions, with which to produce detailed, vivid orthomosaics and ultra-accurate 3D digital surface models.

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senseFly Corridor

senseFly Corridor simplifies the drone mapping of linear infrastructure and sites. This integration kit houses the senseFly S.O.D.A. (not supplied) in a longitudinal, or portrait, position, while senseFly Corridor flights are managed via the corridor mapping mission block within eMotion 3.

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